NOT WITH MY CHILD: Ticked Off Parents are Opting their Kids Out of Common Core, ‘I Think That You’re Kind of Turning Your Kids Into Little Soldiers.’

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Finally! Some parents with enough sense to stand up against this BS “learning system”.

More parents in New York are pulling their kids out of controversial Common Core standardized tests.

Students in New York in 3rd through 8th grade started taking the year-end tests this week, and already the number of opt-outs has surpassed last year’s numbers. And in New Mexico, Maine, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, many parents have expressed their opposition to the tests.

This year, parents have become more outspoken about their concerns that the tests contain puzzling questions and that too much of their children’s valuable time in the classroom is taken up by preparing for tests. And more of them are taking action by sitting out their children.

Brandy Keenan, a mother of four kids, two of them testing age, in North Salem School District, says that she felt enough support from other parents this year to feel comfortable about finally opting her kids out of tests. “When my son was in 3rd grade, I wanted to refuse the test for him, but nobody was doing it and we didn’t feel that was a very good environment to put our son in,” she told Business Insider.

Though she wasn’t comfortable with the exams at the time, she says that she and her husband convinced themselves that it would be OK and that it would potentially help their kids prepare for future standardized tests.

This year, they changed their minds.

No longer willing to buy into a system that she says will potentially damage schools and her children’s learning environment, she is opting both her 5th grader and 3rd grader out of testing. “The testing is poorly done, I think it’s poorly written, I don’t think it is fairly evaluating our schools,” she said.

Keenan says she noticed behavioral changes in her 3rd-grade son that were cause for concern. He was cranky and distressed at home due to stress over the tests.

Mary Molina, another mother of four with kids in North Salem, opted her kids out for the first time this year. She says that she wasn’t aware that opting out was even an option the first year that her kids took the assessments.

She voiced concern about the accuracy of the exams to actually test how well students understand concepts.

“When I’ve looked at the assessments that my children were scored on, my children scored very low on the English and math portion, but scored extremely high in science, and I knew right away there was a discrepancy,” she said.

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