NPR TRIES TO DOWN-PLAY CLINTON EMAILS: Publishes ‘Emoticons & Monkey-Butts’ After 7,000 MORE Emails Released

Screen Shot 2015-10-31 at 8.25.20 AMThis is a weak attempt to “prove” to the public all Hillary’s emails are just silly and personal. Put away this fluff and let’s see the real Hillary.

It’s becoming a monthly tradition — on the last day of the month, the State Department unloads thousands of Hillary Clinton’s emails.

While Clinton maintains she never used her personal server to send or receive classified information, between 600 and 700 emails have been classified retroactively since the monthly releases began in May, according to Politico. The latest batch this month includes over 7,000 pages of new documents.

Emails that won’t be released are ones between Clinton and President Obama. The White House said they will not allow the release of their correspondence, citing executive privilege.

When she testified before the House Select Committee on Benghazi last week, Clinton faced several questions about emails she had received from Sidney Blumenthal, a longtime political adviser to her and her husband. Several more Blumenthal emails appear in the latest batch too.

Here are some of the emails that jumped out.

Blumenthal’s missives

This month’s release again features several emails from Blumenthal, usually passing along a political story or a thought he thought Clinton should know.

He frequently weighed in with his thoughts about the 2012 election, and made it very, very clear in this email that he thought President Obama’s team was focusing on the wrong opponent. Here’s some background.

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