NRA President: Death Threats Against Org Reflect Obama’s Tactics

assault“Hundreds” of death threats have been made against the president of the National Rifle Association just since the first of this year. And those threats reflect President Obama’s political tactics. That’s what NRA President David Keene told talk show host Ernest Istook on Thursday.

Keene says those threats reflect attempts by the Left and by President Obama “to demonize and blame those who disagree with him for everything he doesn’t like.”

Keene also is literally targeted by a video game that invites people to shoot him, which he calls the “Kill David Keene” game. The good news, according to Keene, is that those who play the game are unlikely to be gun owners. “So I’m probably safe,” he says.

Meantime, much of America’s media show little concern for Keene’s safety. Instead, they attack the NRA for its video ad that asserts other schoolchildren deserve the same safety as President Obama’s daughters enjoy at school.

Keene told Istook, “The national media is basically at this point a cheering section for the President, particularly on guns because the elite media has always been a part of the effort to gut the Second Amendment. “

The interview aired on “Istook Live!” Excerpts are available online at

Prosecutions for using guns to commit crimes are down 35% under Obama, Keene says: “They don’t prosecute criminals for using guns. They don’t blame…


  • bubba Dude

    if they outlaw guns, I will become a OUTLAW

  • Mark Hedtke

    Actually the assumption made regarding not having to worry about those people playing the video game should be viewed for what it is, It is no game in these people’s minds! Why should we reconsider this view point? In the case of almost all of the mass murderers that have made headlines over the years, they have been supporters of left wing politics and they managed to get their hands on guns despite the fact in many of the cases they took the guns without the permission of the owners, like what happened in Sandy Hook! So it is my opinion, that the left are both creating the threat and complaining that they have to restrain everyone because of their own group’s shortcomings. At a time when they should be under closer scrutiny, we see many of them purchasing the same guns they want to take from everyone and that’s what is scary!

  • Guest

    Carney must have been trained by Baghdad Bob! They both lie with a totally straight face.

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