NSA CRASH SUSPECTS: Transgender Man Who Was Shot Dead Was A ‘Homeless Prostitute Facing Jail Time’

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How many bad decision do you have to make to get to that point in life?

The FBI has identified two people who were shot outside the National Security Agency’s headquarters on Monday after allegedly stealing an SUV they were driving from a motel.

Kevin Lamont Fleming, 20, and his friend Ricky ‘Maya’ Shawatza Hall, 27, were allegedly picked up in Baltimore by another man on Sunday night before ‘partying’ at nearby lodgings in Howard County.

The unidentified 60-year-old Baltimore driver went to the bathroom on Monday morning and discovered that both his passengers and his Ford Escape SUV had gone, he told police.

Hall, the driver who identifies as a woman, allegedly took the SUV onto NSA grounds shortly after and refused police commands to halt.

The driver and passenger, who were both dressed as women and have criminal records, were subsequently shot by a guard outside the facility.

Hall, identified by the FBI Tuesday, died at the scene, though police have not said how she died.

Her lawyer said that Hall was a transgender individual who identified as a woman and had a long criminal record, according to the Wall Street Journal.

She had previous convictions for armed robbery, assault, theft and prostitution.

The prostitution conviction was from 2007, according to court records. She received a year’s probation.

She had also been charged with stealing a bottle of methadone from a woman’s pocket last year.

Baltimore City public defender said ‘He’s a young man with a very, very troubled past,’ and had an upcoming parole violation hearing in July that could have sent her to prison her several years.

Members of Baltimore’s transvestite community said that she lived in an abandoned apartment building in Baltimore with other transvestites, according to Wbal-Tv.

‘I’m sure that they didn’t leave their house knowing that they wouldn’t come home that day or that that would be the end, Jamia Leonard, who had known Hall for eight months, said.

It was not immediately clear if Hall and Fleming had been living in the same house.

Leonard said that something had been off with Hall’s behavior recently.

“In the last couple of days, I knew something was wrong. I didn’t know exactly what was going on but I could hear him talking out of his head.’

‘He would travel from this abandoned house to another high-rise right down the street back and forth, and back and forth.’

Fleming remains in a hospital after being flown there with serious injuries, while an NSA police officer was also wounded and released from the hospital Monday.

He was awaiting a probation violation hearing in June in Anne Arundel County.

The young man was also suspected of stealing a tip jar worth $100.99 and was sentenced to probation and fined.

The reason for his probation violation arrest on March 9 was not immediately clear, according to the Washington Post. He was released on March 25.

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