NSA Leaker Is MESSED UP! Wanted to Burn Down White House And Join TERRORIST Group

So, NSA leaker Reality Winner was indicted by a federal grand jury on a single count.

We got to say, it looks like her leaking all stems from one messed up head and being a sore loser.

Winner was recently arrested for leaking classified documents to the news outlet The Intercept. This was done pretty poorly. We are talking a three-year-old could have done better.

Soon after, via her social media, we found out that she had quite the distaste for our current President. But that didn’t really prepare anyone for what she had to say in her testimony.

Reality Winner admitted she wanted to burn down the White House and then run off to pledge her allegiance to the Taliban.

No, we aren’t kidding.

Something is very wrong with this girl.

Via WSB Atlanta:

An Augusta woman charged with leaking classified information was indicted by a federal grand jury on a single count.

A federal magistrate judge held a detention hearing for Reality Winner Thursday afternoon.

She entered a not-guilty plea. The judge denied bond.

Based on evidence seized from her home, federal prosecutors detailed Winner’s alleged plans to burn down the White House and travel to Afghanistan, pledging her allegiance to the Taliban.

They said in recorded jailhouse calls, she told her mother how to play her side of the story in the media— as someone who was scared she’d disappear from an interrogation room in her Augusta home after Saturday’s raid.

Prosecutors said a phone call to her sister expressed her confidence in how to play the court during her bond hearing.

“I’m pretty, white and cute,” she allegedly told her sister. Prosecutors said Winner told her sister she would braid her hair and cry in court.

The government said it will likely add to the indictment and more charges are expected to come.

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