NYC Gangs Up on Trump Supporters — Intimidation, Threats…

In a city that overwhelmingly voted Hillary, this kind of behavior is expected. Her supporters are just as vicious as she is and will stoop to intimidation and threats to get what they want. Check this out.


When massive crowds flood New York City streets on a weekly basis to protest President Trump and his agenda, it can seem like everyone is on the same side, but Brooklynites Glenn Nocera and Batya Goldberg tell you otherwise.

“It feels like sometimes you’re at the Alamo, you’re outnumbered,” said Nocera, a lifelong Republican and an ardent Trump supporter.  He said many people have “de-friended” him on Facebook. His brother, who had a Trump flag on his car, received a letter from a stranger calling him an embarrassment to the city.

Goldberg, President of the Brooklyn Teen Republican Club, says she has also found herself in a tough position because of her support for Trump.

“Sometimes I feel intimidated, peer pressured to support the opposing party, the Democratic candidates and to be against Trump sanctions,” she said.

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