NYC: Trump Tower Turns Into A Bunker As Protesters Pillage & Plunder [VIDEO]

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-11-00-51-amSecurity is on overdrive right now. No-fly zones have been declared, a vetting process has been implemented for those working and living in Trump Tower, and concrete barriers have been set up around the Tower.

Donald Trump’s transition from a flashy businessman and reality TV star to the President of the United States is keeping the security services busy.

A no-fly zone has been imposed over his home and workplace, Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue in New York.

The 58-story building, which was the setting of the NBC television show The Apprentice, is not only Trump’s main residence but also a massive tourist hotspot.

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a temporary flight restriction for a 2-nautical mile radius around Trump Tower that will effectively put a stop to popular sightseeing flight paths.

The no-fly zone will be in play until Trump’s inauguration on Friday 20 January, 2017, when he will move into the White House.

Meanwhile, on the ground, police officers have helped to install concrete barriers around the Tower. A row of sanitation trucks filled with sand have been acting as barricades along Fifth Avenue since Monday.

People who work and live inside the lavish building will now be vetted by the Secret Service, the New York Daily News reports.

And elevator routes will also be altered to stop people accessing Trump’s personal floors.

Sources said one lane of traffic that passes the Tower is expected to remain closed to prevent car bomb attacks.

‘Obviously, Trump Tower is not like a house in the suburbs or the country. It’s a tourist location, with businesses and apartments inside, people coming in and out at all hours.,’ a source told the New York Daily News.

The glass building is one of New York’s most visited attractions since its completion in 1983.

If Hillary Clinton had won the election, these additional security measures would not have been needed as her Chappaqua home is already deemed safe from when it acted as a presidential home for husband Bill.

Trump first received a Secret Service detail after requesting one in November 2015.

Clinton already had protection because of her status as a former first lady.

When Trump and his family move into The White House in January, 10-year-old Barron Trump will be the youngest presidential son to reside in the executive mansion since John F. Kennedy, Jr.

The White House has been home to only presidential daughters since JFK, Jr., whose father was assassinated just before his 3rd birthday in 1963.

Kennedy’s son broke a long drought of boys living in The White House. He was the first since Quentin and Archie Roosevelt lived there beginning in 1901.

Outside Trump Tower on Thursday, protesters gathered with signs reading ‘Dump Trump’.

At least 30 people were arrested when cops cracked down on twin demonstrations in Columbus Circle and at Trump Tower.

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