NYPD COP SHOT IN HARLEM: And if #BlackLivesMatter Then This Case Should Outrage Such ‘Activists’

But it won’t because they’re a cop hating, terror organization and it’s pathetic to see Democrat candidates supporting this ‘movement’.

A 30-year-old career criminal with 18 prior arrests, mostly for drug offenses, and 12 prior incarcerations has been identified as the suspect in the deadly shooting of a 33-year-old NYPD officer following a confrontation and chase over the FDR Drive in East Harlem late Tuesday, law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation tell NBC 4 New York.

Tyrone Howard, also known as “Peanut,” had three current warrants out for his arrest, including one on a second-degree assault charge, the sources say. Police sources call Howard a “major drug player” and say he knew police were looking for him. He was most recently arrested in October 2014 on a drug-related offense and was jailed from that time through February of this year.

Howard is suspected of killing NYPD officer Randolph Holder, who was shot in the head as gunfire erupted when he and other plainclothes officers encountered a man, allegedly Howard, on a bike on the overpass near East 120th Street, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said. Holder was taken to the hospital in very critical condition and later died there.

“That’s about as bad as it gets,” Bratton said at an emotional news conference at Harlem Hospital early Wednesday.

Dozens of Holder’s fellow officers stood outside the hospital and saluted as the ambulance carrying their fallen colleague left. Afterward, many embraced one another.

“Tonight, he did what every other officer in the NYPD does when the call comes — he ran toward danger,” Bratton said. “It was the last time he will respond to that call.”

Holder and fellow officers had initially responded to reports of gunshots fired near East 102nd Street and First Avenue around 8:30 p.m. A victim at the scene told responding officers his bicycle had been stolen at gunpoint, and the officers encountered the suspect on the bike a short time later.

The suspect and police exchanged gunfire, and Holder was struck, authorities say. No other officers were hit. Howard allegedly fled north on the FDR Drive promenade along the East River, and he was apprehended by officers at 124th Street. He had been shot twice, including once in the leg, and was taken to Cornell Hospital.

Howard was released from the hospital into police custody Wednesday, according to Bratton. There was no immediate information on charges against him or any word of an attorney.

Read more: NBC New York

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