OBAMA HUMILIATED BY PUTIN: As We Now Know Who Russia was Really Targeting in Syrian Airstrikes

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 9.54.41 AMYesterday’s airstrikes make it very clear where Putin stands.

Russia launched its first airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday. They were almost all in western Syria. They did not fall on the Islamic State or the other terrorist groups raping and pillaging the Syrian countryside, creating the largest international refugee crisis in decades.

Rather, the Russian airstrikes fell on the moderate rebel groups that the U.S. has been notionally supporting against the country’s tyrant Bashar al-Assad.

President Obama seems surprised by this, but his surprise is inexcusably disingenuous or obtuse.

Assad is and has long been an ally of Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin. Russia entered the Syrian civil war as any rational person would have expected, on the side of his ally and of the Iranian paramilitaries that support him. Does anyone in the administration dare to say they were shocked — shocked — that Putin is indifferent to both the horror and the strategic threat posed by the Islamic State. Why, yes the Obama administration does dare to claim surprise. When Russian bombs began to fall on their predictable targets, American officials reacted by claiming they were “taken aback,” as if they were genuinely wounded and upset.

Read more: The Washington Examiner

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