REPORT: Obama Has Deployed a Team to ‘Keep Tabs’ on Trump Admin

Obama has apparently tried to keep his lips sealed since Trump took office. But now a report has come forward that shows Obama might be silent but he’s not just sitting around.

If this is true, Obama just doesn’t know when to let it go. His presidency is over, he can go now.

By Ben Kew

Barack Obama has reportedly deployed a team to “keep tabs” on the Trump administration and attempt to preserve his legacy, according to the Huffington Post.

Despite his pledge not to interfere, Obama reportedly has deployed a team of over a dozen operatives to “keep tabs on the unreported stories” relating to himself and the Trump administration. They work from an office in Washington D.C.

Obama has also participated in a “regular conference call” with his former aides, as well as making regular calls to Democrats in Congress, party leaders, and grassroots organizations. Organizing for Action (OFA), the nonprofit group heavily involved in Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, has partnered with the newly-formed Indivisible Project for “online training” on how to protest President Donald Trump’s agenda.


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