Obama’s Economy Hard on Youth, Unemployment Hits 16.1%


The June jobs report shows that 195,000 new jobs were created, keeping the national unemployment rate at 7.6%.

Wall Street and national economists expected that new jobs would hit 165,000, so the extra 30,000 more jobs than expected is a welcome surprise.

But is this just another short-term gain for the U.S. economy?

According to the national non-partisan you advocacy organizations, Generation Opportunity, the unemployment rate for…


  • Marge

    I hope this reality wakes them the heck up.


    16% is not good but 47% of America’s work force being unemployed is worse and the amount of government handouts is far more than it has ever been historically. That remaining 53% is not all full time jobs and as far as how many are over paid government union employees, this item is always dodged by the MSM…..

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