Obama’s Gun-Control Campaign: First stop Democrat-leaning Minnesota

obama_aotwPresident Obama is taking his gun-control message on the road, with a planned first stop in Democrat-leading Minnesota, at the Minneapolis Police Department’s Special Operations Center, according to media reports.

There, Mr. Obama is expected to call for a ban on assault weapons and a mandate for national background checks on all gun…



  • opsman

    I would like to know how much this road trip of his is going to cost the American Taxpayer? This guy hasn’t signed a budget in over 3 years, campaigned on curbing government spending, and reducing the debt. Here he goes wasting more and more of our money.

    • Black Rain

      Did you see all those police officers standing behind obarry! Kinda looked like the welfare line for food stamps. wonder what they were paid and it didn’t sound like they cared what Obarry was selling.

  • DaveP326

    He said NRA members OVERWHELMINGLY approve background checks. He doesn’t have the faintest idea what NRA members approve of. Smoke and mirrors – like everything else he does.

    • HorseTeethSam

      Yup. And if you say, “everyone’s doing it”, it does influence some people. It’s why advertisers have been using that tactic for years.

  • garysvent

    Minnesota is lost to the truly lost. We have a drug-addled fool for a governor, and a legislature that is anxious to snoop in our garbage cans, toilets, garages, and now our basements for guns. I have family here, and they keep me here, but we might as well resign our Statehood and hook up with Canada. The bills headed toward our Democrat-controlled legislature are worse than anything Hitler tried to do in Germany. It is now hopeless for any liberty whatsoever here in the Great Northland.


    Why is Obama’s ugly head on every news web page I open and on national TV everyday and night. I get so tired of seeing him I want to vomit. And if he talks for one minute he fires out a hundred and one lies. He is faster than Pier Morgan’s assault weapons,

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    As this fool skips around the nation trying to disarm us, he’s using our own tax dollars, millions per week for his anti-gun campaign against us. How’s that for icing on the cake?

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronald.r.johnson.357 Ronald R. Johnson

    We need to put a mile high fence around Minnesota and then a dome over the whole state so none of these nuts ever escape and never allow anyone from this state to ever run for any office nor any of the idiots to ever vote again! And Please don’t ever let any of these nut ever own a Gun!

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