Obama’s Pardoned Crack-Addict Grandmother Back in Jail… That Wasn’t Long!

Remember all those prisoners President Obama released back out into the public?

Well, looks like they’re making their way back to jail.

One grandmother in Texas has been ordered back after she violated the terms of her release multiple times.

Carol Denise Richardson, 49, will now spend 14 months in jail after a Houston judge determined the sentence.

She was arrested for theft in April, which was strictly against her terms of early release.

Funny thing about this is that she hasn’t been out of jail for that long.

Richardson had been released from prison in July of last year after serving 10 years of a life sentence for conspiracy to distribute cocaine, as one of 61 non-violent drug offenders to have their sentence commuted by Obama.

‘This defendant was literally given a second chance to become a productive member of society and has wasted it,’ Assistant US Attorney Ted Imperato said in a statement.

‘She has clearly shown a willful disregard for the law and must face the consequences for her crimes and actions.’

Less than a year and she is already in jail.

Funny how that worked out.

If this is the case for one criminal released by Obama, who is to say that it won’t happen with the majority of criminals he let loose?

One guy the former president let out was a drug trafficker caught with weapons on him:

President Barack Obama granted early releases to 61 prison inmates earlier this week as part of an effort to reduce sentences for nonviolent drug offenders.

The Washington Post reported that three of the inmates who were commuted on Wednesday were from North Carolina, including Reginald Wendell Boyd, Jr. from Greensboro.

Boyd was sentenced to 180 months of imprisonment and eight years of supervised release in 2005 on charges of conspiracy to distribute cocaine hydrochloride and carrying a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime. His prison sentence is commuted to expire on July 28, 2016.

Dangerous person with lethal weapons and most likely obtained illegally.

Why Obama thought it was a good idea to let these people out isn’t exactly clear.

…and it seems they’re not doing their part to contribute to society; only hinder it further.

Thanks, Barry.

Thanks a  lot.

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