OH AG: Planned Parenthood has Been Illegally Disposing of Babies’ Bodies in this Horrendous Location

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 6.07.02 PMDisgusting.

We already know, thanks to The Center for Medical Progress, that Planned Parenthood has been selling the body parts of the children they abort (proven by the fact that they announced they would stop taking money for the practice). Now, Ohio’s attorney general has just announced that all three of the state’s Planned Parenthood clinics have been illegally disposing of the bodies of aborted babies by throwing them in landfills.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine began investigating the three Planned Parenthood facilities in the state in the wake of allegations that the abortion provider sold fetal tissue. While the investigation uncovered no evidence of Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliates selling aborted baby body parts, the attorney general revealed that aborted fetuses from the facilities were disposed of in landfills.

“Disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion by sending them to a landfill is callous and completely inhumane,” Attorney General DeWine said in a statement Friday. “It is important the public be aware that these practices are taking place at these Ohio facilities.”

Read more: liveactionnews.org

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