ON THE TRAIL: Jeb Bush to Raise $4Mil from Romney’s Old Investors

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Seems like Romney is going to be reimbursed for stepping out of the campaign trail. Bush/Romney 2016?

CHICAGO — Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush could be poised to raise more than $4 million in the Windy City on Wednesday as he prepares to run for president, according to people helping to organize two fundraising events there.

“It will be a blockbuster day in Illinois,” said one, who said Bush’s total haul “should be north of $4 million.”

Bush will attend two fundraisers later today after giving a speech on foreign policy hosted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. The fundraisers will benefit his Right to Rise PAC and a separate super PAC that can accept unlimited donations. How the money will be divided was not immediately clear, but as an unannounced presidential candidate, Bush is still able to work with a super PAC and accept unlimited donations — a right that will disappear if he becomes an official candidate.

Bush’s first fundraiser is being held at the downtown Chicago Club, where donors are being asked to give a minimum of $1,000. Later, he’ll head to the Lake Forest, Ill. home of Melissa and Reeve Waud, where the minimum is $25,000 raised or contributed. But organizers expect that donors will far exceed the minimum.

Waud runs a Chicago-based investment firm and held a fundraiser for Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign that helped raise nearly $4.5 million in one night near the end of the campaign.

Bush is on a fundraising tear, pulling in millions of dollars a week for his two political committees as he hopscotches around the country, averaging a pace of one finance event a day.

The haul he is expected to scoop up in Chicago comes after he raised an estimated $4 million at the Manhattan apartment of private equity titan Henry Kravis last week and picked up more than $1 million in two events in Washington Tuesday. Next weekend, he is on track to raise as much as $5 million at an event held at the waterfront estate of Coral Gables billionaire Miguel “Mike” Fernandez, according to a report in Politico. That would mean at least a $14 million take in a 10-day period.

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