ONE LAST HUMILIATION: 7 Electors Didn’t Vote For Their Party — But Not All of Them Were Trump’s

hillary-cryingHillary found herself in hot water again. Out of the seven electors who didn’t vote for their party’s candidate, only two Republicans voted for someone else. The rest, that’s four electors, should have voted for Hillary but didn’t. One last humiliation for this woman. Maybe she should have focused on keeping her own electoral votes.

In an interesting twist, there were seven “faithless” electors who voted for different candidates than the ones they were pledged to — and more defied Clinton than Trump despite the narrative that’s been percolating in the media.

A total of five Democratic electors broke from their state’s results and declined to vote for Clinton, compared to two who declined to vote for Trump.

Four Washington electors abandoned Clinton. Three voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell and a fourth voted for “Faith Spotted Eagle.” Another elector in Hawaii voted for Bernie Sanders. A sixth elector in Maine also voted for Sanders initially, but it was ruled improper and he was forced to change his vote to Clinton.

One Texas elector snubbed Trump to vote for Ron Paul and a second Texas elector voted for John Kasich. The New York Times has a handy graphic on the results:

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