Orlando Terrorist was on FBI WATCH LIST, Visited Saudi Arabia–Still Able to Carry Out Deadliest Mass Shooting

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 11.03.16 AMThe FBI should have had this guy under tighter surveillance. If they thought Omar was ‘harmless’, terrified to know who they think is an actual threat.

The gunman who killed dozens and took hostages at an Orlando nightclub was “cool and calm” in a phone call with police negotiators, officials revealed Monday.

Fifty people — including the gunman — died in the attack on Orlando’s Pulse nightclub early Sunday. More than 50 others were wounded.

Amid an ongoing investigation into a possible motive, Orlando Police Chief John Mina gave more details Monday on the run-up to the SWAT raid that ended the crisis.

He told an early-morning press conference that gunman Omar Mateen had holed up in a bathroom with hostages after an initial shootout with police.

Mateen was “cool and calm” in a conversation with negotiators, according to Mina.

“He really wasn’t asking for a whole lot,” Mina said. “We were doing most of the asking.”

There was talk of “bombs and explosives” — plus a reference to ISIS, according to Mina.

He said that once information from hostages and the suspect suggested “further loss of life was imminent,” a decision was taken for SWAT to breach the wall of the club.

Mateen was armed with an assault-style weapon and a pistol. A third weapon was found in his car, authorities said Monday.

Around 100 leads have emerged in the ongoing investigation.

“No stone will be left unturned and we’ll follow the leads wherever they take us,” FBI special agent Paul Wyposal told Monday’s press conference.

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