• Berzrkr50


  • http://twitter.com/mrgrymm Mr Grymm

    Man, there are some real leftist loons out there. And folks are following them like lemmings off a cliff into fire.

  • Steve

    And he is a Professor???? Now we have proof that our kids are getting brainwashed in college. Actually I did not need further proof. My nephew is proof enough for me.

    • RLM357

      Remember that Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn are Teaching Our Youth in Anarchism and Communism today. Oh yes, they are best friends of Obama et ux. ~Rick Magee, FL

  • The Bear

    Sad that a so called “History Professor” can’t read or chooses not to, because if he did he would know the USSR killed over 14 million of it’s own people during the 20’s and 30’s.
    They started with teachers and professors, I think that was a HIGH MURDER RATE

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Paul-Broussard/100000569719030 Paul Broussard

      14 million is a statisitc-not murder
      (according to Stalin)

    • Strangerinmyownland

      But it was soldiers, not private citizens; and it was for “the greater good”; it was OK.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-Bronner/100001112435407 Phil Bronner

      Bear, if you look at all the murders by the gubmint in Russia…it’s over 30 million,…of course that’s including the entire period of that great “socialist” experiment!

    • medic2003

      I will merely say this to all the rambling that idiot spewed. In the words of Hank Jr, If the South woulda won we’d of had it made. Leave out the slavery part and understand that the war of northern aggression had little to do with slavery.

      Some good folks down south. Some bad ones too, but can you take me anywhere that doesnt have their share of bad ones? Id sure as hell be more at home down there than in some blue state like Ohio.

      • Derek

        As an Ohioan I’ve got to say, with respect, I don’t think you know a damn thing about Ohio. Have a look at our state politics; we’re red in the legislature and governor’s office. And over the past 2 years, we’ve passed as many or more pro-gun laws than probably any other state. Sure, we have enclaves of urban misery which always go left. Which state are you from that doesn’t?

        As far as our electoral college votes in the previous election, let’s just say that there are still those questioning the legitimacy of the vote tallies in the urban centers.

        Stay out of the northeast corner (Cleveland and suburbs) and the city limits of Columbus, and you’ll find Ohio to be pretty pleasing. Well, except for the weather; that part generally sucks. The point being, this guy doesn’t speak for Ohioans, and the politics of Cleveland don’t represent the politics of the state. Would you tell a Texan that he’s a gun-hating, panty-waisted liberal because of the nature of Austin, TX, or the speech of a professor (of all things)?

        • medic2003

          Well fair enough. What you describe resembles My state of Missouri. Still doesnt change the fact that id be more at home in the south than Ohio lol, Im still questioning a 104% turnout in urban precincts in Ohio. lol.

          Ya need to chill. There are more libs in Ohio than there are here, I was referencing the shot made at southerners in general in the article.

          I would tell a texan he was a panty waist lib if he was one lol

          • Derek

            Yes, that fraud is what I was referencing. For the record, I didn’t mean stay out as in “stay out or else” but rather, “if you steer clear of… you’d be happy”. Frankly, there are areas in almost every state (sometimes the whole state) that I would rather not hang about.

            This dude was/is a pompous liberal ass, especially regarding the whole “problems of the South” thing. That said, I resent being summarily lumped in with the likes of Commiefornia! We fight the good fight here! lol

          • medic2003

            Keep fighting man. It will take all of us.

  • DrDulcamarax

    “If you want to get rid of this gender business, you’ve got to start killing.”…by that mote of liberal illogic then the only way to “…get rid of this [race to the bottom in US education], you got to start killing [college professors who voted for Obama]”?

    Goose? Gander? Meet Sauce.

    Actually a pretty funny comment by this OSU douche monkey. Liberals have to start killing people? What with? With boredom or force feed gun owners tofu until they burst? Make them do yoga while watching The View until they die. Try and drown us in an eco-friendly manner in a low-flush toilet? “You can take my latte from my cold dead hands!”

    Liberals are such wuss cakes. I have farts that are more dangerous than most social progressive liberalistas.

    • Bruce1369

      A common trait amongst liberals, progressives, communists and democrats in general is the lack of morals. This enables them to sanction mass-murder in the name of the state. Thus, the admiration of the “professor” for the Butchers of Budapest.

    • Bob Da Grouch

      Damm, that’s funny.

  • Suzanne

    He does NOT represent Oklahoma well! This is NOT who we are. That is just totally embarrassing.

    • Hawkeye3939

      Uh, I think they’re talking about OHIO State, not OKLAHOMA, dear.

      • Sailfish

        True, but my first thought when seeing this was that it was Oklahoma. Then I read it and found where it was. It would have made more sense to start with Ohio professor– which would have explained the idiocy.

        • jstarusa

          There are many good people in Ohio, but he is not one of them!

    • MJWalters

      OSU, is not Oklahoma State, it is that Liberal bastion THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! Governor Kasich needs to let this idiot go, didn’t someone say he violated that Code of Conduct of OSU, if so that is a state instituiton, and our Governor needs to step it up!

      • FLBuck

        I wonder if Dr. E. Gordon Gee has received a heads up as to what this POS of a college professor is spewing out of his sewer he calls a mouth. This individual should have his ass drop-kicked out on high street. That school needs to purge its faculty of the libtards and their ideologies of their employment, even if they have tenure.

        • Dave

          If OSU purged it’s faculty “of the libtards and their ideologies”, there would be no faculty left. Gee is also a liberal idiot. The whole damned lot of them needs to be processed down at Inland Products along with the rest of the roadkill.

  • Twitch

    A history professor who never studied history.

  • Lyle Kyle Ford

    A prime example of the fact that a “degree” does not equate with “intelligent”!

  • Lucky3511

    This represents the major cause of the collapse of USA and the Dollar. Left wing loons like this agitator, he does not deserve the title professor, are bringing the country crashing down. He should lose his doctorate, assuming he ever had one, he should arrested for inciting a riot and inciting violence. Then maybe he would learn a lesson or two in our institutes of further learning, namely the prisons

  • barto

    He belongs in Russia along with his ideas!

  • Bruce1369

    Another institutionalized, university sanctioned madman.

  • Skyhawk

    This is obviously a liberal loon. What do you suppose are his other defects?

  • Sgt. York

    If the USSR is so great that means this brain dead professor must support Communism. Being this so why doesn’t he pick up and move there where can be safe and not worry about a AR Rifle, just the KGB that would be safer I guess. Ill give the first donation for his ticket to his so called Heaven

  • Victor

    It may sound like a Leftist plan, but all this is a Spiritual Power attempting to entice followers into a False sense of security. ” Follow Me and I will lead you to Utopia. Worship me and I will Set You Free”

    The Devil can FEEL Like God, if he can get Non blacks to worship him in this world. No Racist crap intended.

    The Devil made some of the Beings on this planet, and they know they are different. They even have a different bone structure then other humans. They have more bones in their bodies then other humans.

    I’m not trying to start trouble, but not looking at Darwinism, human beings can be traced back over 400 thousand years to Africa. And another race can be traced back to the top of Africa where the Euphrates river begins. Two different Species of Humanoid creatures can be traced. One with straight hair, one with wool like hair.

    Don’t want to believe me, do the research yourself. The information from ancient Libraries and cuniform text has been translated, and supports what I have said above.

  • Tom

    This man needs to be removed from his teaching position immediately!

    • Bob Da Grouch

      Tou are soooooooo right.


    This jerk is a first class brainwashing liberal rat cat.

  • Patriots4Freedom

    Anyone can email your comments to this so called professor here. Roth.5@osu.edu The progressives thrive on distorting facts and hope that people are dumb enough to listen and believe what they have to say.

  • mtmountainman

    What a Liberal Pig and we’re supposed to listen and believe a MORON like that when he calls the other side racist, apes, etc. To fix this country, people like him have to be purged from the educational system. The kids need educated–not indoctrinated with this Leftist BS!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/sandi.meenan Sandi Meenan

      they will be among the first to be purged when the time comes !

  • leesjokers


  • Charlie

    This clown that OSU has hired needs to be fired. Further more what the dolt stated is so far off base it makes one wonder what drugs this dolt is doing?? For surely he is either on drugs./stupid and/or insane. Hopefully he does not own a weapon anymore than a butter knive, this is the type of nutcase that kills to make a point.

  • edro3111

    Never mind that the old Russia has mafia like activity rampant, thousands carry video cameras in their cars to catch crazy road rage incidents and police brutality and who knows what else? They just don’t have as good of a propaganda machine as the US (the Obama Television Networks) so we don’t hear about the crime and murders.

  • Wi. Redneck!

    He is one of those who knows very little about very little! Opinions born and raised in a liberal vacuum!

  • Cruffler

    He should remove himself to somewhere more compatable with his persuasion

  • IMSweetOlBob

    It looks very much like this guy is a professor whose job was protected by tenure before anyone found out he was certifiable. Now, he drools about the OSU campus spraying spittle against gun owners, guns (a subject he knows well) and Republicans.
    He’s the poster boy for the patriotic, intelligent educators with which our places of higher learning are full to overflowing.

  • horseridingplains

    This man should be fired–he seems to be abusing a freedom of speech he would not have in Russia–and he is also not making the connection that Russian has been a totalitarian police state- communist to it’s core- until a little loosening recently. Obviously- he is a dolterig idiot.
    Since he is so sure of himself- I promise not to use my gun to protect him.

  • Saltporkdoc

    Once again, I am embarassed to be an Ohioan! (Boehner started it)
    I did NOT vote for Obama, not because he is black, but because he had NO record to show his position, he is NOT constitutionaly qualified (Kenyan), he is un-American and he is at best a Fascist or at worst outright communist.
    I’ll keep my guns, thank you, and I will even protect this moron “Professor” if the need arise! Most importantly, I will again protect this nation and myself!

  • RLM357

    The Answer is simple: FIRE the B-A-S-ARD! Or should I have said Illigitimi? What he is really exposing is his Communism. This is what is teaching our Youth today ! The Infiltration of our Educational System by the Left. I predicted this back in the mid fifties whilem on a Debating Team concerning just that and Organized Religion. I was Right! ~Rick Magee, FL

  • Dale Putnam

    And once again, and for all to see, is one more example of how we are losing this war, how the children today from kindergarten, pre-school, through grad school, are being taught the leftist agenda. Constant bombardment, that the family, even attentive and persuasive parents, and other family members can not, not even close, balance with rational, proveable, scientific and most of all truthful statements. Over come by over whelming the system. We’re seeing it work in government, schools, society, THEIR brains.. (what little there is of them) and from every aspect and angle. Over come the system. This is what it is, and this “professor”, “learned one”, “teacher”, or lame idiot, whatever you want use as a lable, doen’t make him any less a fool, or any less a traitor to the Constitution. Nor any less and enemy of this FREE County.
    Solution: FIRE HIM!! And any of those that move to protect him.

    • jstarusa

      Freedom of speech seems to protect people like him , but conservatives…. not so much these days.

  • bdcorvette

    The man has a case of oral diarrhea. He is off his meds.

    • jstarusa

      Yep, he has diabetes of the blow hole! I think that covers it.

  • duncan

    I was a History major. USSR always got a pass on its bloodshed. Solzenetzen was largely taboo, esp “gulag archipelago”

  • watchdogman

    Someone needs to plant a sign in this turds front yard stating, “this is a gun free home”…

  • http://www.facebook.com/adrian.vance1 Adrian Vance

    May “black” people learn it was Republicans that freed the slaves, the Democratic Party came out of the defeated, angry southerners whose first actions were gun control to disarm Negroes for easy lynching. Republicans passed civil rights laws over strong Democrat opposition by KKK members of Congress.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, http://adrianvance.blogspot.com and when you speak fine ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • OldDocBen

    If this person was teaching my child I would have them withdraw from his class and urge benefactors of the university to withhold funding. Then I would kick his ass for offending the Constitution.

  • mesaman

    The real morons in this little vignette of vile verbal manure in higher education, are those who sat on the search committee that recommended this embryonic mutation to join the history department. Doesn’t speak well for OSU, does it?

  • Fourth ID

    It is sad that a person like this teaches our children.I think he should apply for a position in Russia where this sissy doesn’t have to be worried about guns.

  • Average Joe

    Can anybody say goollog

  • Gym Shu

    If Pinhead Roth doesn’t like OUR Constitution, he should pack his bage and move to the USSR. I and many more would be happy to pack his bags, purchase his one way ticket, and take all of his Looney Left Pinhead’s with him. Butt, he knows he wouldn’t be able to speak out against their way of governing. He’d be sent to Siberia if not dead.


    Roth needs to be fired, if he doesn’t lose his job and barred from teaching Ohio has a big problem.

  • http://www.facebook.com/leprecaun14456 Robert Myles

    Though he may be a ‘professor’ he is also obviously a Moron. If he likes the USSR then I suggest he move there and take his hate speech with him. I have owned AR’s for over 20 yrs and used them in the militry, not once have I managed to make mine “Blow thongs up”, perhaps mine have been defective in this as they also have never threatened anyone or shot anyone.

  • methodius

    I am sorry. I only have an MA in History and not a Ph.D. like this guy, but ya know I seem to remember Stalin murdering 20 Million of his own people through starvation, forced labor, and direct execution. Maybe, just maybe, if the average Soviet citizen was armed the world would have been freed from the nightmare of communism a lot sooner. I’d take thousands of dead communists over 20,000,000 innocent civilians any day of the week. (Full disclosure: I lived in the former Soviet Union for a time in the late ’90’s. The diverse people who lived there were gregarious, family loving, and quite hospitable. But the scars 70 years of communism have left are very real.)

  • reggiec

    Research by Dr John Lott, author of the book More Guns, Less Crime
    He concludes:
    “Much of Eastern Europe; most of Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa; all but one South American nation; and all of Central America and Mexico suffer even higher murder rates than we do. For example, despite very strict gun control, Russia’s and Brazil’s homicide rates over the last decade averaged about four to five times higher than ours.
    Indeed, if you are going to look across all nations and not just a select few, what you find is that the nations with the strictest gun control tend to have higher murder rates.”

  • Idadho

    His diatribe proves that, at least for him, liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Randy131

    Will GOD bless what is bought through government torture and political imprisonment, and enslavement of the population for the benefit of those who take and assume political power through force and deprivation of the citizens of the old USSR? Some would consider this not an equal or fair tradeoff, and would rather choose the murder and gun violence instead, in order to have a free and fair society, and the allowance to worship GOD without fear of political retribution that comes in the form of torture and imprisonment. This professor’s statement is part of the old propaganda of the old USSR, thank GOD it does not relate to the USA, or at least not yet, for the 2nd Amendment is still the law of the land, and helped keep the USA a free nation since it’s inception. It’s not hard to see why a college education is no longer worth the paper it’s diploma is written on, because of professors who rant as this one has, that proves what is taught in those havens of higher learning is falaciously untrue and politically biased, and is instituted more as an indoctrination, than the learned reasoning for a thought process in decision making, to further the knowledge and improve the intelligence of those who seek higher learning. What has happened to our colleges and universities, that this professor wants to also degradate our US Constitution and 2nd Amendment, to the same degree as we now find their terrible academic condition. What a sad and shameful state these intellectual imposters, such as this professor and his ilk, have perpetrated on the youth and future leaders of the USA.

  • Tarachian

    Obviously not educated at OSU. What an uninformed moron.

  • pysco

    Like alot of liberal professors, he conviently left out the Millions killed by Lenin, and Stalin, not counting the people that died in Consentration Camps (FEMA)……..

  • Guest
  • dlzimbelman

    I’d like to see this professor move to Russia/Soviet Union and live there. If he doesn’t like guns go where they confiscate them.

  • jstarusa

    Hey, this guy teaches our youth! Now we know where all that civil unrest comes from. This guy doesnt even rate a defense from conservatives or Republicans. He is like the monkeys in the trees chattering at each other.

  • pwr11@aol.com

    “I hope Neil Young will remember, A southern man don’t need him around, Anyhow” I find it so funny that these “High Society” types love to run down the people that do not live in the “Gated Communities” with 24 Hr. security as being “Afraid”. Sir, I do not need any security for my family except what I provide. This is a claim you will never be able to make, which in my mind makes you a very small man. So hide behind those “Armed guards” at your subdivision and spew your vial garbage, but if the SHTF… Do Not come to my door for help, you will be turned away and told to go and “Talk” to the criminals that you afraid of…Maybe they will have read your book!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Phil-Bronner/100001112435407 Phil Bronner

    He sounds crazy…make sure he’s on the “no-go” list to purchase firearms!!! What an idiot…..gee, I wonder if he bothered to dig up the TOTAL annual murder rates in Russia…doubt it….doesn’t fit his agenda….

  • GrizzlyIX

    You have these kinds of ‘statistics’ where the general population are UNARMED SLAVES, like the ObozoNAZI’s want to turn U.S. into! ! ! !

  • Jaguar12

    This guy is a disgrace to The Ohio State
    University. He is wrong and should go teach at the Mao University in

    The actual MURDER total is :
    Mao’s Red China- 76,702,000 and
    growing, USSR-61,911,000, Nazi Germany-20,946,000, Japan-5,964,000 and Pol Pot’s

    ALL of those had, or have “gun control”

    Tyranny is
    growing in America and must be terminated soon.

  • Dan

    whats alarming is there are alot of people in this country with the same mind set

  • moberndorf

    Unfortunately, this despicable waste of food and air is typical of “professors,” especially in the humanities, at colleges and universities all over the country. It is quite likely that they get all or a large part of their bloated, unearned salaries from public funds – our hard-earned taxes. Scum like this need to be tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a splintery rail.


    What this blind lib will never accept is the reality that when you rule out black on black murders, our rate is about = to Switzerland.

    • NJRedDog

      And if you rule out white on white murder, and Hispanic on Hispanic murder, it’s nearly zero.;)

  • bobalo59

    I don’t use my AR, or AK for hunting, I use them for killing, intruders, rapist, murderers, anyone that threatens my family. Second Amendment supporters angry and motivated by fear? Tell me who the fluck do you think I’m afraid of with an AR or AK in my hand? Morons, and to think this man is teaching our college students today. Man what a dreadful thought.

  • marineh2ominer

    This professor is too ignorant to understand that what Russia has is ” PEOPLE CONTROL ” , The exact same thing as the American progressives want , this whacko is not educating your kids , he is INDOCTRINATING your kids .

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anthony-Alexander/100001688875158 Anthony Alexander

    Today most universities have become haven for these liberal types. They spew out theories and conspiracies and display their neurosis quite well.After listening to this idiot, now I know that liberalism and leftist thoughts rank up there with Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases. Where do they pull this stuff out of the air?? I know that liberalism is a disease because the liberal agenda’s principles violate the rules of ordered liberty, their most determined efforts to realize its visionary fantasies inevitably fall short. Yet, despite all the evidence against it, the modern liberal mind believes his agenda is good social science. It is, in fact, bad science fiction. In spite of all the data that shows their visionary fantasies are all failures, they persist in this agenda, despite its madness, and therefore fall under the old saying insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. Moreover the liberal always has scapegoats, far flung theories, distortions and above all LYING, to prop up and keep their mindless fantasies moving, and when the modern liberal mind whines about imaginary victims, rages against imaginary villains, speaks of conspiracies and credulous statements seeks above all else to run the lives of persons competent to run their own lives, the neurosis of the liberal mind becomes painfully obvious. Liberalism IS a disease, common sense is the cure. But as Ron White the comedian says……there ain’t no fixin STUPID in this case the same applies……………… There ain’t no fixin liberalism

  • runnindeer

    No doubt he didn’t mean that the New Black Panthers should tell people that they intend to murder people with their AR-15. In fact, this nit with would shout that the New Black Panthers have not said openly on media that” they intend to kill as many white people as they can. The mothers, fathers, baby’s of white people” This guy and all those like him only mean that white folks and those who are not black should give up their guns. Now I will tell them or anyone else that I know darned well that freedom means free for everyone . Not just them. To own a fire arm and to talk the truth about what is being said by people like this Hill and the NBP, does not make one a racist. To get up on platform or media and tell lies about everyone that owns a firearm that does not support the New Black Panthers, the racist hate groups and this current administration, does make one a racist as well as a liar and fool. This man is just another tool for the Nazi Democrats .

  • http://www.facebook.com/andersencs Craig S. Andersen

    The idiot omits the fact that Stalin and company had guns and murdered at least twenty million. Perhaps this hair-head professor would like to spend a decade in the Gulag if he thinks that the USSR had it right.

  • foxxybey

    Amen Craig, you have that right and that is what obozo wants to do in the U.S. so he can be dictator-in-chief.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuck.tilley2 Chuck Tilley

    Where is the h/e//l/l do they find these idiots ,they call professors .

  • Asotal

    This professor is talking crap. Russia has a murder rate. The majority of the populace don’t have access to guns so murders are comitted by knives, beating by iron pipes etc. Their penitentiaries are full.

  • jamohio

    A very hate filled man that has lost touch with reality!! I’m from Ohio and he needs to be fired!!

  • http://www.survivingurbancrisis.com/ Silas Longshot

    Wake up people. Your hard earned money to give your kids “college education” is funding fools like this who pound their drivel into their impressionable young minds. It will be decades before this sxit gets flushed from their minds, if ever.

    If you sat through a class by this moron, what would your reaction be? “This hecker pead is insane and will NOT be allowed access to my kid!” would be mine.

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