Is This How Otto Warmbier Was Put In A Coma? Leaked Footage Shows North Korean Officials Beating A Woman Senseless For…

We all are sure Otto Warmbier’s comma was not caused by botulism and a sleeping pill. But, because of a leaked video, we might have a better understanding to what led to the young man’s death.

Horrifying footage has emerged of North Korean security agents allegedly beating a woman accused of having sex with Chinese and South Korean men after fleeing her home country.

The 2012 video shows the woman being beaten repeatedly while her hands are bound behind her back.

The Daily Mail

The State Security Agent can be seen interrogating the woman. Supposedly not happy with her responses, the agent then kicks her in the face and lifts her up by her hair and shoves her face into the wall.

The woman is accused of fleeing to China from North Korea. The guard repeatedly asks her if she had sex with any men from China or South Korea.

She denies the allegations.

The man, not satisfied with her proclamation of innocence, then grabs a rope and strangles the woman.

Footage also shows a man accused of also fleeing, being tortured.

The guard is seen twisting the man’s legs with a stick then forcing him to stand.

He proceeds to punch the man in the back of the head and neck all while accusing him of tearing up a photo of the late Kim Jung-il.

Tearing up a photo will leave North Koreans with this kind of punishment in North Korea.

Just imagine what they do to Americans…

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