OVER MY DEAD BODY: Anti-Gun Woman Sings a Different Tune After She Used a Gun to Save Her Life [WATCH]

Better late than to never realize the importance of a gun.

Nearly eighteen years ago, Mike and Susan Gonzalez had a life changing experience.

“August will be 18 years and I still live with it everyday,” said Susan.

Her home now has burglar bars and there are no trespassing signs posted on her North Jacksonville property.

It was around 12:40 a.m. when she heard a rustling sound at the front door. Gonzalez said she left the couch to unlock the front door for her son when someone kicked the door in.

“It came off the hinges and I took off running and screaming,” she recalled. “My husband was asleep in the bedroom.”

Two masked men had invaded her home. Susan was shot.

“I kind of knew I was dying, so I was making my peace with God,” she said.

Her husband was shot as he struggled with one of the attackers. Gonzalez said she saw an opportunity to reach for her husband’s pistol and she went for it. She said she pointed the gun at one of the suspects and squeezed the trigger.

“I just opened fire in his back,” she said.

The wounded suspect died in the couple’s front yard. The other suspect took the keys to their truck and got away, but he was later captured.

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**Over My Dead Body – Split Second To Live airs Monday, July 6th on Investigation Discovery at 10:00pm EST**

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