A PARENT’S PLEA: US Aid Worker’s Parents Plea to ISIS, ‘We Ask You to Contact Us’

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Sad situation. ISIS is toying with the parents and their daughter’s life. Sick and twisted people.

The parents of an American woman held hostage by ISIS revealed they had privately communicated with the terror group before it claimed she was killed a recent Jordanian airstrike.

A statement that circulated Twitter on Friday said an airstrike outside Raqqa, Syria, killed Kayla Mueller. The statement used her full name, which had not been public.

The claim could not be immediately confirmed and ISIS did not provide photographic evidence of Mueller’s death, as the group has in the past with other hostages and its own fighters.

In a statement released Friday night, Mueller’s parents said, “This leaves us concerned, yet, we are still hopeful that Kayla is alive.”

Addressing Kayla’s captors directly, Carl and Marsha Mueller also requested that the terror group respond to their private communications.

“Kayla’s mother and I have been doing everything we can to get her released safely. At this time we ask you, who are holding Kayla, to contact us privately,” the statement said.

A spokesperson for the White House National Security Council said they have “not at this time seen any evidence that corroborates ISIL’s claim,” using an alternate acronym for the terror group.

A Jordanian official told ABC News ISIS’s claim was “illogical” and was part of the terror group’s public relations campaign. “We need to be very careful not to fall in their trap,” the official said.

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