PARIS: ISIS Terrorist LIVE STREAMS Attack on Police Official and Wife–Had List of VIPS to Kill

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 10.38.29 AMThe thing that makes ISIS such a threat is their ‘disorganization’. Because of that, detection is harder. One terrorist can go on the attack in any city, without much warning signs for officials to pick up on. Orlando and the several Paris attacks are examples.

THE ISIS attacker who stabbed a French police commander and his wife to death in their home had a hit list of politicians, journalists, police officers and rappers.

French prosecutors have revealed the discovered a list of VIP targets Larossi Abballa, who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State before the attack, had complied.

French cops discovered the list on a computer at the 25-year-old’s home during a raid.

Abballa live streamed the attack Facebook profile – under the name ‘Mohamed Ali’ – including a 13 minute video of the murders, and 15 photos, before it was suspended early this morning.

In video he called on Muslims to attack “police, journalists, public figures, prison guards and rappers,” listing around a dozen well-known figures by name.

The jihadist then threatened to turn Euro 2016 into a graveyard, four days after the championships started in the country.

Mr Thomson, of Paris radio station RFI, said one particularly chilling post referred to the three-year-old survivor.

At one point, the child was behind Abballa on the sofa, and the terrorist wrote: ‘I still don’t know what I’m going to do with him.’

French cops have revealed the fanatic had been put under wiretap surveillance recently but that had given no indication of the attack.

It has also emerged that he knew the victims of his vile crimes.

Jean-Baptiste Salvaing, 42, suffered nine stomach wounds at a private address is Magnanville, north of Paris shortly after 8.30pm last night.

It has now been revealed the 25-year-old was sentenced to three years behind bars along with seven other men over links to a jihadi network in Pakistan.

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