‘PARKING LOT BILL’: Nevada Bill Questions a Person’s Legal Right to Keep Guns Locked in their Car

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The first thing wrong with this bill, the government thinks they can tell you what you can keep in your car, the second thing wrong with this bill, why not make it legal to carry your gun on campus?

Nevada’s largest school districts aren’t supporting a proposed law change allowing weapons to be brought onto school property and kept in cars, but they don’t oppose it either.

Washoe County School District is “neutral” on this bill, according to Government Affairs Director Lindsay Anderson, who told the Assembly Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that she’s working with other school systems on an amendment to the blanket allowance.

The bill, sponsored by Assemblyman John Hambrick, R-Las Vegas, would allow anyone to bring a weapon onto school properties and childcare facilities so long as it remains in a locked vehicle other than a school bus.

Representatives for both Washoe and Clark County school districts – responsible for about 85 percent of Nevada’s 450,000 public school students – said they’re working with the Nevada System of Higher Education on an amendment to Assembly Bill 2 that would possibly restrict the allowance of weapons to non-students and those with permits to carry a concealed weapon.

Current state law allows only police officers and those with signed permission to bring weapons to public schools, colleges or child care facilities. For everyone else, it’s a gross misdemeanor. And state law goes into great detail on all the “weapons” that people can’t take to schools.

Firearms, switchblades, nunchakus, trefoils (commonly known as throwing stars), billy clubs, metal knuckles and blackjacks (clubs consisting of a leather-wrapped lead weight at the end of a short shaft).

The University of Nevada, Reno approved five requests last year sought by people wanting to have weapons on campus. It denied six others after performing background checks of individuals and also confirming whether they have concealed-carry permits, said UNR Police Chief Adam Garcia.

Proponents of the bill emphasized Wednesday that it’s not a “campus carry bill,” which is a term given to laws allowing people with concealed-weapon permits to carry a gun on them wherever they go on school grounds.

“To clear this up, this is a parking lot bill. Not a campus carry bill,” said Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R-Carson City.

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