Passenger Shaming: Half Naked Men and Peeing in the Sink, Passenger Shaming Reveals it all if You’re Naughty on a Flight

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I don’t know what I would do if one of these people were sitting next to me on the flight. Nasty!

Passenger Shaming was set up in January 2013 to highlight some of the less than desirable habits some have adopted while flying.

The photos, which are submitted anonymously by passengers and flight attendants, are posted to Facebook and Instagram and the results are sure to shock.

There’s people resting their feet near people’s head and on tray tables, as well as people sleeping with their feet in awkward positions.

This man decided being seated on a busy plane was the perfect time to clip his fingernails

The photos, like this one of a woman resting her feet on the tray table, are posted to Facebook and Instagram

Passenger Shaming was created by Shawn Kathleen who has been a flight attendant since 2010

People have captured their fellow passengers in all sorts of weird sleeping positions, including this man who decided it was a good idea to sleep with his feet in the aisle

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