Phil Robertson: Ted Cruz Needs to ‘FORGIVE Trump’–Does Ted Need to Simmer Down?

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson has an important message for Ted Cruz. What do you think about it?

Saying “Trump’s the man,” Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson urged Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — who he once supported –and the rest of the Republicans who failed to defeat nominee Donald Trump to focus on winning the White House instead of fighting each other.

On Wednesday night, Cruz was booed by many Republican National Convention delegates after his speech did not include an endorsement of Trump, who defeated Cruz in a hard-fought primary season. On Thursday, Cruz indicated that he could not endorse Trump because of comments Trump made during the primaries about his wife and father.

Robertson said the time has come to let go of all that has gone before.

“I mean give me a break Ted, go ahead and endorse the man,” Robertson said on Fox & Friends. “I mean, you lost, he won.”

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