Piers and Pratt Go Head-to-Head on Gun Control

I would add more commentary to this, but Gun Owners of America director Larry Pratt says it all in this debate.  I highly advise watching the whole video.


  • Fedthehellup

    I bet if that man was sitting in front of Pierce Morgan he would not have said the things he did. Pierce Morgan is a coward british POS and he needs to worry about what goes on in his country and not ours. Mr. Pratt was dead-on with his comments. Where people are able to freely carry concealed weapons, the crime rate is way lower than places where carring a firearm is not allowed. Look at the crime rate in Austrailia sense guns have been outlawed. They have sky-rocketed. It’s not the guns, it’s the people using them. It’s like blaming a pencil for mis-spelled words. It’s just stupid. The only thing I would change is the high capacity clips. I don’t think they should be outlawed, but you would have to show a reason to have one and be required to have a permit. I own several guns and I use them for home protection and hunting. I don’t believe you need a 30 round clip for protection or hunting. If someone breaks into your home and you have to use your weapon, the person is going to flee or be dead after the first one or two shots. I have been hunting sense I was 4 years old and I am almost fifty now, and I have never seen the need to have a 30 round clip to shoot a deer!!

    • Get Real

      Fedthehellup ,

      The 30 round magazines are NOT for deer.
      (I would have thought you figured that out)
      In case you haven’t been following current events, about half of the folks in
      this country are of the belief that the current administration are;

      TYRANNICAL SOCIALIST FASCIST with an agenda……..
      not suitable to their belief system!

      • azmtnman

        and your point is………?

        • Get Real

          This was clear, apparently you’re stupid!

    • NRApatriot

      @Fedthehellup, This a free country at least for now! As long as a person follows the law and doesn’t infringe on others they should be able to own any damn magazine they want to! I like to spend more time shooting my guns than loading them. If I wanted to own a howitzer I should be able to if I follow the laws governing it and shoot it at a range designed for it! The founders intent was for citizens to have equal weaponry to the governments so that if neccessary they can take their government back from would be despots like we have in office now! Why would you want to penalize good decent law abiding people for the actions of a mentally retarded lunatic? Why don’t you scream about the complete lack of care for people with severe mental health issues? You don’t have to have a 30 round magazine for hunting and in fact most state wildlife agencies ban more than five rounds in a hunting rifle! You say people should have a permit for high capacity magazines and I say you shouldn’t even have to have a permit to excersise a constitutional right! All the mass shootings of late have been perpetrated by people who were known to have serious mental issues BEFORE they commited their atrocities and all were in gun free zones which is why the reprobates chose them in the first place! You need to get real on the issue and rationally discus the actual cause and not blame it on some silly piece of machinery! Just look at family life or lack thereof the lunatics that do such things! How about screaming about the moral decay this country has suffered in the last 50 years? How about abortion that has took more innocent lives than any shooter or even all wars combined? 56 million the last number I heard and still counting! Thats just in this country!

    • Southcasun

      There is more to the 2nd Amendment than hunting and personal defense, both legitimate uses but not the primary function of that right. It is to defend against political tyranny. Permitting magazines based on capacity only serves to create another entry in someone’s database as part of the next step in confiscation. It is a distraction used to create division of people of like mind.

      The tragedy in CT was USED to create this political firestorm. Adam Lanza broke 41 laws to accomplish this. What use is another law that a criminally insane person won’t follow anyway. Start watching the other hand…think in terms of the UN arms trade treaty. Look at the politicians who are screaming the loudest and compare it to their voting records and stump positions as relates to the UN.

      Connecticut is laid squarely at the feet of the Brady Camp. Their pressure to create more laws gave us the “Gun Free Zones”, better thought of as “Victim Disarmament Zones”. We are told that it will make us safer to surrender just a little bit of freedom. How’s it working so far? Remember, when you need the police the most, they are only six minutes away…one thousand one…one thousand two…one thousand three!

  • biggunnsinc

    they didnt mention all the drugs that he was on “oh we cant blame the drugs!!” and id drop off that british nutjob in the middle of the ghetto or whatever they call it now days and see what happens

  • Jay

    Morgan should go back to the UK. He only came here to make money by making trouble.

  • Apocalypto

    Great job Larry! Piers please go back to the U.K. you idiotic hand wringer.

  • RLM357

    Pierce WHO??? I do not watch CNN nor this creeps show. He is an ignorant interviewer who esposes the left’s diatribe. ~Rick Magee, FL

    • NRApatriot

      CNN stands for Communist News Network!

  • Dennis


  • skepttico

    Who watches Piers Morgan on purpose? What a moron! Can we deport this douche, please?


    piers morgan is a limy right;; look at the accompanying story concerning Britain’s crime rate. worst in the EU,Brits are unarmed; yes???

  • jerry sweet

    morgan is a moron.he was just told the people in school are just being there waiting to be murdered.if i was told by morgan to quit laughing,i would have told him to shut up his English mouth.Americans died in two horrible wars in Europe and who called on us to save their ass.England

  • NRApatriot

    Obama finally got what his former chief of staff Rahm Emmanuel prophesied a few years ago, “We can’t let a good crisis go to waste!” Now he is using the atrocity commited by a mentally retarded lunatic to strip more of good decent law abiding citizens God given rights away and further enslave us to our own government! Instead of addressing the real problem which is all the crazies running loose in this country he is trying to appease his radical progressive supporters (P.C. name for communist) by shoving more nonsensical laws down a law abiding publics throat! What he should address is the completely immoral lack of mental health care in this country! All the perpetrators of these mass shootings were known well in advance of their crimes to be crazy and yet nothing was done to prevent them from hurting people and they all picked gun free zones to commit their atrocity knowing no one would be able to effectively fight back! The mother in this last episode is now paying an eternal price for her stupidity in teaching her retarded son how to shoot and allowing access to her weapons in the misguided thought of it would teach him responsibility! To have guns in the house where a retarded child lives also without a gun safe inaccessible to said child is just plain stupidity! The muslim communist president is OK with abortion which at last count I heard was 56 million babies and still counting but uses this tragedy to further erode a freedom loving peoples rights! According to scripture this is just the tip of the iceberg! It’s all going to get much terribly worse before it gets better and this would be tyrant president wants to take decent peoples most effectual defense away from them at a time when they will need it most! Folks this isn’t really about gun control! It’s just about control!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jamesbkroeger James Kroeger

    I can’t watch Piers Morgan because He’s such a pompous jacka$$!!! He’s just as bad as watching Obama…these kind of jerks have made the media and presidency what it is today! I’m totally ashamed at how this country has fallen “SO LOW” in it’s news reporting and political leadership…and it’s only going to get worse. I’m so looking forward to the Rapture occurring, so I can be removed from these total idiots and such a troubled world!!!

    • Get Real

      Don’t worry, nobody else watches Piers either !

  • gerf

    The nos. of guns and where America ranks , by Pierced , are completely ludicrous , according to Liberal, Harvard Law school stats. + he argues like a little girl ! Oh and who is his role model , satan ?

  • NRApatriot

    Piers why don’t you go back to England? There they have stripped the subjects of the their weapons and the lunacy of if it all is the astronomically high rate of violent crime! The first step in converting citizens into subjects is to disarm them. You and all of the so called news media are complicit to treason! The founding fathers called people like you Torys! You brits got your butts kicked the two times you have went against the freedom loving citizens of this country and now you use the air waves to come against us! I hope when the war breaks out I can get a good clean sight picture of you!

  • Skillet56

    You’re only an idiot if you don’t agree with the Piers the Lunatic Morgan.


    john king ;piers morgan who are these nimrods???

  • pmonly

    I always new that Piers was a pompous ass but I never knew how stupid he is for an educated man. I can’t call him ignorant because he’s clearly aware of the facts even if he chooses to ignore them. Yet he sits here, in a country not his own, and will argue what rights the citizens of this country should or should not have. I know a few doctors that have a “God Complex”, but this takes the cake!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Selina-Rifkin/100000182889846 Selina Rifkin

    CT already has an “assault weapons” ban. Piers is an ass.

  • Rattlerjake

    Morgan is no different than the rest of the socialists in this country, because they are too inept to maintain and use a firearm they want it so that no one can have them and only make it so the government can, which then leads to total government control ; EXACTLY THE REASON WE RAN THE ENGLISH OUT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!. England and the rest of Europe do not have the freedoms that we have here in the US, as well they are taxed to death. That is why they all want to move to America. But then they come here and want to stick us with there socialistic ways. When the revolution in this country starts, we will have to eradicate every one of these control freaks or it will be for nothing. Also notice that Morgan, as will all liberals, resorts to interrupting and name calling of those that disagree, especially when the facts prove they (liberals) are wrong.

    The united Kingdom has 63 million, Australian has 22 million, and the US has 314 million. It is only expected that we would have more murders. The difference is that gun violence occurs in the areas with the strictest gun laws 95% of the time. It’s also a statistical fact that ALL of these cities have a higher minority population. New Orleans had the highest murder rate in the nation before Katrina, but after Katrina, the cities that all of the blacks were “shipped” to experienced exponential crime and murder increases; that is a statistical fact. Democrats breed these minorities, through social entitlement programs and government dependence, for the liberal vote – England doesn’t need to because their government already controls them.

  • luvmy357

    “Why are you laughing?” Because you sir, Mr. Morgan, are an absolute joke who does not know how to conduct an interview and simply wants to bully your way through trying to make your point.

  • Steve

    Pierced Moron studied journalism at the Jerry Springer Academy Of Insults. And it shows.

  • NRA supporter

    If every school child in the US were required to carry a loaded weapon to school as soon as they had the finger strength to pull the trigger and hit a target, they could protect themselves. This would also prevent bullying,child abuse and sexual abuse by coaches,scout leaders and religious leaders who are perverts. The NRA could run the training program since they understand guns best. If all the mentally disturbed people were put to death insted of betng allowed to roam the streets it would also cut down on crime. As the NRA has emphasized for ever, guns don’t kill people, people kill people.We need more guns and less people in order to solve the problem.

  • mesaman

    The only way Piers converses is if Piers is if he’s nosing Pratt’s derriere. This unlaughable yorkie is about as pleasant as horseradish, and as gifted as a Dover sole.

  • Idadho

    Piers is entitled to his own opinion but he is not entitled to his own facts. His obnoxious attacks are unbelievable. Go home Piers.

  • James Fontana

    I heard the interview on a talk show. I was so mad i’d like to get my HANDS on Morgan and throttle him. He has no business making comments in this country like those he made He is nothing but a loud mouthed Britt and that is exactly where he should be

  • Bigboy1942

    Piers needs to get his limey ass packed and back to the UK!

  • Bigboy1942

    Piers is just a slimey limey, In no way is he a proud Brit with a stiff upper lip!

  • IgnorantMorgan

    Who lets Piersy-boy out of junior high? Apparently his brilliant interview techniques are to browbeat, insult and act like a 3 year old throwing a tantrum. Bravo, Mr. Morgan – your hatred shows exactly why guns are needed.

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