PLACE YOUR BETS: U.S. And Canada Face Off, ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’

Screenshot 2014-02-21 at 9.46.47 AMSure, a chance to play in Sunday’s gold medal game is at stake when the men’s hockey teams from the U.S. and Canada face off Friday in Sochi. Game time: noon ET. NBC Sports Network is broadcasting it in the U.S.

But while Olympics glory is up for grabs, a shipping company in Skokie, Ill., has pushed the stakes even higher:

“Loser Keeps Bieber” reads the electronic billboard hanging on the headquarters of Command Transportation.

That would be Justin Bieber, of course, the nearly 20-year-old Canadian pop star who’s become something of a bad boy in recent months with an arrest for allegedly driving while drunk and a charge of assaulting a limousine driver.

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