Police Chief Battles With GOP Senator Over Gun Background Checks: ‘You’re Wrong!’

battle-it-outDuring yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the proposed “assault weapons” ban, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Milwaukee Police Chief Edward A. Flynn got into a bit of a heated exchange over whether expanded background checks would be effective given that Flynn’s department doesn’t have the means to enforce the laws currently on the books.

Echoing the arguments made by the National Rifle Association, Graham lamented that among the 80,000 people who fail a background check, only 44 people are prosecuted. “What kind of deterrent is that?” he asked. “I mean, the law obviously is not seen as that important. If it’s such an important issue, why aren’t we prosecuting people who fail a background check?”

“Just for the record, from my point of view, senator the point of a background check,” Flynn began to speak before Graham interrupted: “How many cases have you made?”…


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