Police Officer Near Paris BURNED ALIVE by Gang of ‘Youths’

The media can try to cover up the fact that it’s terrorists, but we all know it was. Please pray for this officer’s recovery, and for these thugs to be brought to justice.

The 28-year-old copper suffered “very serious burns on the hands and the entire body” after 15 thugs surrounded his panda car in a housing estate near Paris.

He was placed into an induced coma and remains in a life threatening condition, according to prosecutor Eric Lallement.

Three other officers were also injured in the attack which left two police cars burned out wrecks.

The policeman was with his 39-year-old female partner on patrol when they were surrounded by the gang.

Youths hurled molotov cocktails at their vehicle, leaving him in a serious condition and his partner with burns to her hands and face.

Two other police officers arrived as back-up, but their car was also firebombed and the pair were injured.

The officers were patrolling a traffic junction next to a notorious high-rise estate, where robbers have targeted passing motorists.

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