Political Limericks



I can only hope that the next

White House scandal will involve sex

The President’s crimes we could finally address

If he would just soil a blue dress

Or sext a photo with lower limb flexed.


There once was a criminal young and wise

Who got himself a nobel peace prize.

His crimes didn’t land him in a cold cell

But in a warm bed with his wife Michelle.

A war criminal’s perfect disguise.


There once was a man named Phil,

Whose words were curdled and shrill.

He shouldn’t have pushed his dumb luck

And just quacked like a duck

To keep some public good will.


There once was a brave man who said,

That privacy is all but dead.

He had to flee his home,

Lest he be killed via drone

So to Russia I say, Merry Christmas Ed.

About the author: Patrick Kane

Patrick is a political activist based out of Boulder Colorado. He is currently employed by several of Colorado's preeminent think tanks and has worked in the liberty movement since he was fourteen.

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