Politician Claims She has More Rights than Americans When BUSTED on Her Gun-Control HYPOCRISY

On February 27, 2009, a man broke into former Orlando Police Chief Val Demings’ vehicle and stole her issued 9 mm.

He also got his hands on her ammunition as well as several other items according to the Orlando Sentinel.

“Although the vehicle’s remote was used to lock the vehicle, the doors were not physically [checked] to ensure the locks [had] engaged,” internal-affairs manager Dwain L. Rivers wrote in the four-page report. “Chief Demings accepts full responsibility and does not wish to contest the sustained finding.”

She was given a “written censure” that would “remain in her personnel file for three years.”

Cut to the present, and Demings is now a State Representative for Florida. And she is a fan of gun control!

In fact, she loves it so much, she posted this to her Facebook page:

Then someone asked if the gun that she lost was ever recovered. The commentator also suggested she be more responsible with her own firearms before pushing gun control on others.

To this, Demings offered a peculiar reply:


What does she mean by, “My First Amendment right is different from yours”? No one is sure, and Demings has not come forward to clarify.

The Daily Wire reached out to Demings via Twitter, Facebook, and her Washington D.C. office. While we were never able to speak with Demings herself, we did speak with her communications director, Caroline Rowland.

When asked if Demings could speak about the remarks she made on Facebook, Rowland simply stated: “No, she will have no comment on that. Thank you,” before quickly hanging up the phone.

The Daily Wire

She might be hiding away but that hasn’t stopped people from calling her on her BS.



We hope she comes out to clarify what she meant. It’s going to be hilarious!

Her career in politics is pretty much over after that comment. Which is a good thing. People like her should not hold public offices. It could be dangerous.

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