POLITICO: A Year of Fraud, Failure and Fabrication’s

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 10.05.12 AMThey must be on Santa’s ‘naughty’ list.

One of the great pleasures of the last two years has been watching Politico lose its place as a destructive influencer in the world of policy and politics. The leftwing site once “drove the day,” and those days are now long gone. The only television outlet that will have anything to do with Politico is, obviously, the hard-left MSNBC. Even there, you don’t see as many Politico talking heads as you once did.

Over the years, Politico’s extremist biases, mixed with a loss of personnel and unsurprising reports of sexism (these are Clintonistas, after all) towards female staffers, have slowly bled the site white. There’s no doubt that 2015 was another delicious nail in the Politico coffin.

So desperate to regain the relevance it once enjoyed, Politico has managed only to trip over itself this year. Like a losing, frustrated poker player, the desperate site has gone all-in with nothing in the hopes everyone will look at the bet and not the cards. The results have been disastrous to the site’s already questionable credibility. Hopefully, 2016 will only bring us more.

Politico Caught Lying About Ben Carson’s Biography

Talk about stepping on a rake. Politico was caught red-handed lying about the circumstances involving a scholarship offer Dr. Ben Carson received from West Point. In all my years of watching the media, I have never seen anything like this. How in the world Politico thought it could get away with such brazen lies, with a headline and lede that weren’t even supported by the original story… A total catastrophe.

The Big Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Gay Marriage Bust That Wasn’t

After a disastrous year, Politico hoped its latest Hail Mary of Fraud would allow them to close out the year feeling relevant again. Nope. Wednesday’s Big Story fell apart just as quickly as the Ben Carson fabrication. Somebody spent $1000 to attend and surreptitiously record a closed-door Ted Cruz fundraiser. Politico’s big scoop was that behind those ominous closed doors, Cruz was caught red-handed saying … … … the exact same stuff he says in public.

A total fiasco.

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