Pompano, Florida: Man Says He Shot, Killed Would-Be Robber in Self-Defense

pompanoNathan May said he faced a loaded gun and had to make up his mind instantly whether to hand over his jewelry or put up a fight.

He fought.

The robber was killed in the tussle, which may have lasted only seconds.

May, 29, was left shaken but uninjured.

“I took a risk by defending myself,” said May, who said he works in real estate. “It was a gun fight, and I basically won. We went back and forth with his weapon.”

Detectives with the Broward Sheriff’s Office have yet to name the man slain or the shooter. But in a telephone interview from his residence in Conch Key Villas, in the 400 block of Northeast First Street, May said he was the resident involved.

“It was self-defense,” May said. “I was in fear for my life. It was a crazy situation that happened very fast. It was either him or me.”

May said he had spent the evening at a local nightclub — which he declined to name — and was followed home by one or perhaps two men in a dark car. He was accosted about 5:15 a.m. as he pulled up to his garage, which runs east-west between two rows of two-story townhouses in the complex.

May said he exchanged no angry words at the club. “The guy just saw me as an opportunity to make a financial gain,” he said. “I had some jewelry on.”

Dani Moschella, a spokeswoman for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, said: “He was able to wrestle the gun away from that would-be robber, according to the man, and he shot that [would-be robber] who is dead in his driveway.”

Deputies are seeking seeking a second man who may have…


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