POWERFUL: Tearful Reunion of Father and Daughter after Liver Transplant [VIDEO]


What an amazing story!

A father had a tearful reunion with his daughter days after he acted as a living donor for the 3-year-old girl.

Michael Wagner greeted his daughter Phuoc with, “Hey mon belle,” or, “Hey, my beauty,” in a video posted to the family’s Facebook page. The reunion occurred just five days after he donated part of his liver to the child.

Wagner was brought to tears as he sat down on his adoptive daughter’s bed and asked her how she felt in French.

Wagner underwent a lengthy surgery on Feb. 10 to donate a portion of his liver to Phouc. Both Phouc and her twin sister, Binh, needed liver transplants after suffering liver damage because of a genetic condition called Alagille syndrome.

While Wagner was a match for both girls, he can only undergo the procedure to be a living donor once. Doctors picked Phuoc for the first donation because of her more advanced need.

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