President Donald Trump’s Infamous Wrestlemania Tweet is His Most Liked Ever

While people on the left continue to moan that Trump’s video of him ‘beating’ CNN incites violence towards the media and it is absolutely horrific… the majority of Americans seem to love the clip.

According to Milo found that the tweet is – by far – @realDonaldTrump’s most retweeted post, ever, with 315,796.

Trump’s next highest tweet in terms of retweets (a message about his trip to the Middle East) sits at 87,166.

The social media analysis site’s audit found that it is also – by far – his most ‘liked’ tweet, with 522,533 likes. His next most ‘liked’ tweet (a shoutout to wounded GOP Rep. Steve Scalise) sits at 41,314.

But you wouldn’t get that vibe if you watched the MSM all day, every day.

CNN’s Brian Stelter called the tweet “scary, dangerous” during a broadcast yesterday, stating, “who knows which outlet will be next. Who’s going to speak up? Are other media outlets going to speak up? I think they will today.”

Yup, while the rest of America is ROFL-ing about the clip, #FraudNewsNetwork and their compadres are saying on air they are scared for their lives.

On ABC News, NeverTrumper and CNN commentator Ana Navarro frothed over Trump’s tweet, slamming it as “an incitement to violence.”

“He is taking things way too far,” she claimed.

Funny how these CNN talking heads are the ones who claim they feel unsafe, when just weeks ago James Hodgkinson – a raging liberal and strong Bernie Sanders supporter – targeted Republicans and shot them down.

Here is what everyday Americans are saying about Brian Stelter’s outdated report that Trump’s Wrestlemania tweet was his second most popular:

Ouch, that’s got to sting CNN.

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