President Trump HAMMERS Republicans for Budget Deal…He is LIVID

While the Democrats praise Paul Ryan for his $1.1T spending bill, President Donald Trump on Tuesday is calling for a government shutdown.

The bipartisan spending deal looks set to pass Congress this week and no one in the Trump administration is happy about it, except maybe Priebus.

Tweeting his discontent about the deal, POTUS said this agreement clearly proves the Republicans either need more senators elected or should change the Senate’s rules; to push a spending bill through with a majority vote, instead of 60.

This new bill funds the US government through September 30th. Trump tweeted that the country “needs a good ‘shutdown’ in September” to fix a “mess”.

According to CNBC: Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer responded to Trump’s tweets at a news conference, saying that,”bipartisanship is best summed up by the Rolling Stones: You can’t always get what you want.” Trump played the band’s song to close many campaign rallies. 

At a news conference Tuesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said Congress has a “long ways to go” before September but added that he shares Trump’s “frustration” with the appropriations process. However, he highlighted what he considered good provisions for Republicans in the bill, including defense and border security spending increases. 

“I feel good about the wins we got with the administration in this bill,” Ryan said.

The budget includes $15 billion going to the military.

Trump did receive $1.5 billion for border security measures. Sadly, this does not include a wall or hiring ICE agents.

Where GOP leaders failed; defunding Planned Parenthood, taking grants away from sanctuary cities and killing Obamacare.

All areas which Trump has wanted to defund.

A midweek vote is expected.


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