INSANE: Professor asks, would KILLING a GOP congressman be considered ‘self-defense’?

We all know liberals love to push gun control. They also love to mock people who protect their lives as well.

Just like this Communications Studies professor from Whitworth University did.

James McPherson suggested in a tweet that murdering a GOP congressman who voted for the health care bill would be considered “self-defense”.

The professor, James McPherson, linked to a piece from Buzzfeed reporting that on Monday a woman in Tennessee identified as Wendi Wright was allegedly following a car that contained Tennessee Republican Rep. David Kustoff (pictured above), who voted for Trumpcare. When the car pulled into a driveway, Wright approached and “began screaming and striking the windows,” per the report. She also allegedly tried to prevent Kustoff from exiting the car as she yelled and cussed incoherently.

Wright later wrote about the incident on Facebook, which is how police were able to find her. She is scheduled to appear in court on May 15.

This story prompted McPherson to tweet out:

Seriously, what is wrong with liberals?

When The Daily Wire contacted McPherson asking if he was joking in the tweet, he said:

“Of course it was in jest. I don’t advocate killing anyone, including via the death penalty, except in self-defense. This case clearly wasn’t self-defense – but then, neither are many of the ‘stand your ground’ cases that gun nuts like to promote.”

When asked if he thought it was appropriate to tweet out such a violent joke, McPherson gave an apology…kind of. Actually, not really.

“I’m a bit confused: Is The Daily Wire suddenly concerned about political correctness in humor? Still, if you were offended, I apologize.”

It’s not what The Daily Wire (or any site for that matter) thinks about “political correctness in humor” that’s the heart of this; it’s the blatant double standard.

The Left is allowed to support violence, in jest or not, but if you are a conservative, keep your nose clean! How dare you say anything that could even be construed as violence!

McPherson was challenged on Twitter:

But he only doubled down:

According to former students, McPherson is pretty far to the left, which is apparent from his Twitter.

The student did mention that he does allow his students to voice their opinions in class, which they appreciated.

He is also reportedly retiring at the end of the year.

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