PROOF IN THE PHOTOS? Russian Plane Wreckage Reveals a Bomb Most Likely Did Go Off on Plane

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 8.03.06 AMHow do you ‘sneak’ a bomb on a plane in this day and age?

Photographs have emerged of the Russian tourist jet that went down over Egypt’s Sinai peninsula last weekend, which appear to prove that it was brought down by a bomb.

Images show holes in the wreckage of the Airbus A321 which bear the evidence of having been caused by something from inside the plane.

This follows news of further evidence suggesting that the crash was the result of a bomb planted by Isis militants, U.S. and European security sources said on Wednesday.

The Airbus A321 crashed on Saturday in the Sinai Peninsula shortly after taking off from the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh on its way to the Russian city of St Petersburg, killing all 224 people on board.

Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda has highlighted pictures of the Airbus A321 wreckage in Egypt showing pockmarks in the fuselage.

The holes ‘look like marks made by shrapnel’, and in addition there are ‘holes in the plane parts with the edges curved inside-out.

‘We may suppose that these are the holes made by the destructive parts of the bomb,’ said the newspaper, which credited bloggers with highlighting the ‘evidence’.

One image shows ‘small holes at the inner door of the emergency exit at the back part of the plane.

‘Such holes could have been made by metal balls, which are often used by terrorists as the destructive parts of the bombs.’

Russian experts say no signs of explosives have been found on the bodies of the victims of the plane crash, but a Russian aviation official said Thursday the investigation was looking into the possibility of an object stowed on board causing the disaster.

‘There are two versions now under consideration: something stowed inside (the plane) and a technical fault. But the airplane could not just break apart in the air – there should be some action. A rocket is unlikely as there are no signs of that,’ the Russian official said.

The paper points to a three-second video sequence found by bloggers from a Russian TV report which shows ‘several holes in the plane’.

Russian Deputy Emergencies Minister Leonid Belyaev said the bodies of 19 passengers had been released for burial today or tomorrow. So far the remains of 58 victims have been identified.

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