PROTECTING FREE SPEECH: Lawmaker in This State Proposes Fine for Schools That Suppress Student’s 1ST Amendment Rights

Flag-and-ConstitutionIt’s sad that this is even needed.

Despite their claims to be bastions of free thought and free speech and a comfort zone for those discussing a wide range of theories and philosophies, colleges and universities in America have a reputation for deciding what free speech to allow.

Just ask the workers at The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, who routinely fight university boards and managers who crack down on the First Amendment rights of their studcents.

Now one state lawmaker in Washington state is going a step further, proposing a financial penalty for violating the Constitution, according to a new report in The Extract.

The report said, “For one Republican state representative in Washington, his concern translated to action in the form of targeted legislation he hopes will help preserve free speech on college campuses across his state.”

The bill he drafted includes a fine of at least $500 for a university’s “active suppression of students’ First Amendment rights,” the report said. And it would grow by $50 per day until the violation is removed.

“I think that much of America watched with horror as events unfolded at Yale and the University of Missouri this year,” Rep. Matt Manweller told the Extract.

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