Protester to Hillary, ‘YOU SUCK!’–Do You Agree?

screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-7-02-19-pmPretty sure this is a no-brainer but does Hillary suck? A lot of people at her rally thought so. Seems like her lying about her health was the last straw for some people.

Hillary Clinton made her first public speech since revealing that she had pneumonia on Thursday and revealed how she spent the three days she spent inside her home.

‘I tried to power though, but even I had to admit that maybe a few days rest would do me good,’ she stated, explaining she used the time to catch up with old friends over the phone. ‘It turns out that having a few days to myself was actually a gift.’

She also had time to reflect, Clinton said. ‘The campaign trail doesn’t really encourage reflection.’

‘People like me, we’re lucky,’ she was saying, a segue into planned remarks on her plans to provide affordable healthcare to every American.

But a man began yelling at her from the crowd. ‘You suck!’ he told the Democratic presidential candidate at the Greensboro, North Carolina, event.

It was an unideal start to a speech that Clinton was hoping would reset her campaign after nearly a week of negative press following her claim that ‘half’ of her opponent’s supporters are a ‘basket of deplorables’ and a health scare that forced her to disclose medical records from the last year she tried to shut down conspiracy theorists.

Clinton told protesters inside he rally she just wanted ‘to have a conversation’ and said other people could wave their arms with signs. Outside protesters held up signs in support of Trump.

‘I am deplorable,’ said one.

At the event Clinton said she was going to close her campaign the way she started her career – focusing on children and families – and promised to come back to the state next week to ‘listen’ to them.

She broke from her positive messaging to take a swipe at Donald Trump, who dramatically released his health records today on a television program.

‘I’ll never be the showman that my opponent is — just look at the show he put on for Dr. Oz today,’ she said.

Commenting on North Carolina’s transgender bathroom law that prevents students from using facilities that don’t correspond to the gender on their birth certificate, she said, ‘This is where bigotry leads, and we can’t afford it, not here or anywhere else.’

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