Punk Yells ‘ALLAHU AKBAR’ and ‘BOOM’ on Plane–Passengers Respond by…

That would be one dead SOB if he was around me. What would you do if someone did this on your flight?

A TERROR scare was sparked on a Birmingham-bound flight after a passenger shouted “Allahu Akbar” and “Boom”.

Shehraz Sarwar, 38, caused widespread panic with his ‘obnoxious’ behaviour as the Emirates Boeing 777 from Dubai started landing procedures in February last year.

Some of the 347 passengers were left shaken and in tears after the terrifying outbursts.

Sarwar, from the Saltley of Birmingham, had reportedly caused trouble from the start of the flight.

He twice refused to put on his seatbelt when asked by cabin crew and threw food and towels around the plane before shouting the phrases, associated with terror attacks, as the plane approached the runway at Birmingham Airport.

Prosecuting Sarwar in Birmingham Crown Court, Patrick Sullivan QC said: “The behaviour before these words was obnoxious.

“He fell asleep for about three quarters of the flight and when he woke up he threw a towel back at a member of staff who had offered him one. He also threw a scone behind him although it did not land on anyone.

“He was also hitting his head with his hand. People were distressed and upset by his behaviour.

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