PUSHING GUN CONTROL: ABC News Draws Kids to Guns by Placing Candy and Toys on Table

On January 27, ABC World News aired a segment on kids and guns in which they placed two unloaded handguns on a table and drew children to them by telling them there was candy where the weapons were.

Diane Sawyer introduced the video as part of a report on “groundbreaking news” based on a Yale University study on “American children and guns” that claims every hour one child in America ends up in the hospital as a result of gunshot wounds.

They showed the kids NRA Eddie Eagle videos on gun safety and had a policeman talk to them about avoiding guns.

They then placed two unloaded handguns on a table “and [told] the kids they [were] there for a memory test.”  The teacher then told the kids she had to leave the classroom “for a second, but that there [was] candy on the table.” There were numerous toys and crayons on the table, as well.

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