QUESTION: Are ‘Tomahawk’ Missiles Racist?

Mother Jones editor Clara Jeffery has found something else that offends her Liberal feelings… like it takes much.

It’s not that Trump decided to bomb Assad, which Liberals wanted to happen, or the fact that Jeff Sessions has targeted Black Lives Matter and also plans to defund sanctuary cities.


What is offending Miss Jeffery is the missiles used to bomb Syria are called ‘tomahawks’.

YES… true story.

Clara feels that all Native Americans should be extremely offended by this use of RACIST language.

She tweeted: ‘That the missiles are called tomahawks must enrage a lot of Native Americans’

In response to her snowflake outburst real people, with real life problems, had some fun with this idiotic outcry:

The fact she tweeted something so idiotic is hilarious and expected of an editor for Mother Jones, the liberal crybaby sites of all sites.

How do you feel about Clara Jeffery’s comments?

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