QUESTION: Would You Vote ‘The Rock’ into Oval Office?

During an interview with GQ, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson said a run for presidential office is a ‘real possibility’.

The actor and former ‘pro’ wrestler stated that ‘poise’ and ‘leadership’ would be his top priorities, if he were to run.

Sounds like a weak foundation for a presidential campaign.

Those platforms, if you can call them that, come from his disapproval of Trump’s proposed travel ban stating that he believes ‘in inclusion.’

Johnson declined to give an endorsement in the last presidential election even though he says both campaigns approached him for his backing.

Johnson explains that he didn’t want to sway anyone’s opinion or make people unhappy with his politics.

Johnson would have at least one high-profile backer in NBCUniversal vice chairman Ron Meyer, who tells GQ he’d vote for Johnson “without a question.”

So what say you America, would you vote for the former wrestler turned actor?

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