QUESTION: Would You be Happy if Hillary Clinton Went to Jail?

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Do we really want a president who has a pending case like this stacked against them? Give us your thoughts below.

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton could be questioned by the FBI in days with the email investigation being wrapped up in weeks, according to new reporting from Al Jazeera America.

The network’s David Shuster reported that the investigation has now reached a ‘critical stage,’ in that the bureau has finished examining her emails and homebrew server and will now be interviewing top aides, along with Clinton herself.

Among those to be interviewed: Clinton’s State Department chief of staff Cheryl Mills and senior advisor Philippe Reines, Al Jazeera America said.

‘Soon after those interviews – in the next few days and weeks – officials expect director Comey to make his recommendation to Attorney General Loretta Lynch about potential criminal charges,’ Shuster said.

This new report slightly clarifies the timeline that the Los Angeles Times laid out in a piece earlier this week saying that federal prosecutors have just begun contacting the lawyers of her top aides in order to set up formal interviews.

The names of the aides weren’t mentioned in the Times report, though the newspaper said Mills, Reines, along with Huma Abedin and Jake Sullivan had been contacted by the newspaper.

 None of the foursome’s lawyers would speak on the record about the investigation.

 Another aide, IT staffer Bryan Pagliano, was granted immunity by federal prosecutors and provided security logs for Clinton’s server that revealed no evidence of foreign hacking, the paper reported.    

‘The interviews are critical to understand the volume of information they have accumulated,’ James McJunkin, the former head of the FBI’s Washington field office, told the Los Angeles times.

‘They are likely nearing the end of the investigation and the agents need to interview these people to put the information in context,’ he continued, backing up what the Al Jazeera America has said as well.

‘They will then spend time aligning these statements with other information, emails, classified documents, etc., to determine whether there is a prosecutable case.’

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