QUICK, BEFORE TRUMP GETS IN! Obama Commutes ANOTHER 79 Inmates’ Prison Sentences

trump-obamaHe must have a conveyor belt set up to get all these clemency forms out. What else will Obama do before Trump gets in? Who wants to bet he’s releasing all these criminals to make Trump look bad? Just look at how many were serving LIFE sentences.

As his presidency approaches its end, President Obama is continuing to issue clemency to federal drug prisoners at a historic pace, with another 79 convicts receiving commutations on Tuesday.

Obama has made mercy for nonviolent drug offenders a cornerstone of his final term, granting early release to more than 1,000 inmates, most of whom were sentenced under mandatory minimum drug laws and would have received lighter punishments under current laws.

The total is more than that of the past 11 presidents combined — and far more than Obama’s two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

Clinton granted 61 commutations and Bush granted just 11, according to the Justice Department’s clemency statistics.

The majority of Tuesday’s 79 clemency recipients will be released sometime early next year. Twenty of them were serving life sentences.

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