‘Race Baiter’ & ‘Poverty Pimp’: Maxine Waters Gets TROLLED in Most EPIC Way Possible

If there is anyone worthy of being trolled from the Democratic party, it’s Rep. Maxine Waters.

She has made it her personal goal to be the pestering talking head calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment on almost all the news interviews she does.

I’m sure for the president it is pure entertainment for him, but Waters finally got what was coming to her on Saturday.

Maxine Waters held an anti-Trump town hall meeting in her district in California.

What was waiting there for her was some epic trolling.

Signs all over her district opposing the congresswoman’s meeting were posted up with the most HILARIOUS, but legitimate, message on them.

Impeach Maxine Waters was the most prominent of signs and a message someone could certainly agree with.

Hopefully the voters of California are fed up with this clown and ready to give another representative a chance.



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