‘RACIST & TERRORISM’: Guess Who Put Up These ‘White Only’ Signs All Around School Campus

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.13.48 AMWhat exactly was her motive?

Students at the University of Buffalo were outraged after “White Only” signs were posted above certain bathrooms on campus. The students said the signs were a “hate crime, an act of terrorism.”

But it wasn’t a hate crime.
The signs were put up by an unhinged black graduate student.

This week black graduate student Ashley Powell admitted to hanging the racist signs.
Buffalo News reported:

Campus police at the University at Buffalo removed signs saying “White Only” and “Black Only” Wednesday afternoon from Clemens Hall on the North Campus in Amherst. A university spokesperson said a police investigation found that the signs “were part of a student art project.”

The campus newspaper, The Spectrum, reported on its website that Ashley Powell, a graduate fine arts student who is black, told a meeting of the Black Student Union Wednesday evening that she posted the signs. The Spectrum noted that many students at the meeting were outraged and walked out. Other students, the newspaper said, denounced the signs on social media as “racist” and “an act of terrorism.”

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