RADICAL ISLAMIST Shoots up Gay Nightclub in Orlando, 50 Killed

FBI has not confirmed if the suspect is an actual terrorist or not, but they have their suspicions. If he was yelling ‘Allahu Akbar’ while shooting the place up, he most likely is. This is a major attack.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer said Sunday morning there were 50 dead and at least 53 injured at a gay nightclub, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

A counterterrorism official Sunday morning identified the alleged shooter as Omar S. Mateen, 29 years old, of Port Saint Lucie. The official said he believed the alleged shooter lived with his sister and her husband.

Police shot and killed the suspected killer at about 5 a.m. after an hours-long standoff with police, Chief John W. Mina said at a 7 a.m. news conference. The man was wearing a suspicious device, carrying an assault rifle and a handgun, and took hostages, Mr. Mina said.

The shootings took place at Pulse, a gay nightclub in downtown Orlando.

“All the killing that was done was with an assault rifle, a single weapon…it was done very quickly also,” said Rep. Alan Grayson, D, said Sunday morning. “There’s blood everywhere” in the club, he said, noting that he spoke to someone who had seen the club following the shooting. “There’s an enormous amount of evidence to be collected systematically over the course of many hours.”

An early morning post from the club’s Facebook page administrator said, “Everyone get out of Pulse and keep running.” An updated post at about 6 a.m. said, “Please keep everyone in your prayers as we work through this tragic event.”

Multiple emergency vehicles responded, including the Orlando Fire Department’s bomb squad and hazardous material team. Police said via Twitter that a noise heard near the shooting site was a “controlled explosion.” No other details were provided.

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