REAL HOMOPHOBIA: Footage Released of LGBT Attacks in Russia

With just days left until the start on Friday of the Sochi Winter Olympics, Human Rights Watch released a video on Tuesday that highlights the disturbing violence and discrimination that gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people face in Russia.

In a statement accompanying the footage, Human Rights Watch urged the Russian authorities to address the “deteriorating situation” of abuse against LGBT people and activists, saying that a failure to act has exposed them to further harassment and violence and has emboldened attackers.

“By turning a blind eye to hateful homophobic rhetoric and violence, Russian authorities are sending a dangerous message as the world is about to arrive on its doorstep for the Olympics that there is nothing wrong with attacks on gay people,” said Tanya Cooper, Russia researcher at Human Rights Watch.

The video is a feature compiled by the rights group to show the attacks that are organized on LGBT people in Russia. The attacks are  posted online, mostly by vigilante groups, to humiliate their victims and as propaganda.

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